I am currently teaching small Qigong classes of 6 or less students, as well as offering private individual Qigong and Tai Chi lessons.  Check the class schedule to the right >>>  to see if there is an upcoming class you might be interested in.

For those wishing to enter the world of private Tai Chi lessons, I now require individual students to first complete a 6-week, prepaid, BASICS OF TAI CHI course in order to determine if the student is ready to show up consistently and devote time to learning a Form.  Once the BTC course is complete, an evaluation is done to determine if the student is ready and willing to begin learning the Yang Style 24/Forms Tai Chi set.  The fee for the BTC Course is a non-refundable $300.


The Qigong classes incorporate a large number of basic Qigong forms and exercises including The Eight Brocades, Healing Sounds, Bone Marrow Cleansing, Balancing the Stone, Muscle and Tendon Transformation, and much more. 

Students can enter the Qigong classes regardless of level of training as there are no prerequisites.  Private Qigong lessons do not require the BTC course and can be registered by calling or emailing the instructor.  However, you should seek the advise of your doctor before pursuing any physical activity or exercise program to make sure you are physically fit to participate.

If you have any questions about the classes or need something clarified before considering attending, please feel free to call or email the instructor, Mary M Foster, MA LPC.

Qigong Studio of Colorado   ​​

T'ai Chi and Qigong Classes

Eight Silken Forms (8 Brocades) Qigong
Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017

10am to 12 noon

8778 Wolff Court, #207

Westminster, Colorado  80031

Fee:  $50

To Register contact the instructor:

Click on "Contact Us", or

Call:  303-947-6847

Private T'ai Chi and Qigong Lessons:
By Appointment only.
Instructor:  Mary M Foster, MA LPC
Fee:  $50/hour

Please see information in the left-hand column of this page regarding the 6 week BASICS OF TAI CHI course, which is required before students can be evaluated for readiness to learn the Yang Style 24 Forms Tai Chi set. 

303-947-6847 or respond to "contact us"