Qigong Studio of Colorado   ​​

Mary M Foster, MA LPC         Westminster, CO  80031                        303-947-6847

"I have been taking qigong classes with Mary for the last two years.  Not only are the classes great for keeping the body limber, but she varies them enough so you never get bored." 

                            -Barbara Retherford

"I found the class challenging, but very good exercise.  I will need more practice."

​                             -Anonymous

"Mary has a way of allowing the peace within to come forth."

"Mary has a tremendous amount of tai chi and qigong experience and her teaching reflects that.  She is not only patient, but has a true passion for others to learn.  I could not have asked for a better teacher!"
                            -Elizabeth Strothman

"Mary is the mirror of the philosophy behind the t'ai chi and qigong as she teaches her classes.  One learns to reduce stress and increase well-being from an instructor who lives what she teaches.  Patient and understanding, she is an excellent model for her students."

"Mary's t'ai chi class is concise and very learner friendly.  I practice each day and find the positions benefit me physically, but more importantly, spiritually."
                            -Tim Keefover

"Very good class.  Hard work but rewarding.  Doesn't matter what shape you are in, anyone can to Tai Chi."


"I have been attending Mary's QiGong classes for the last couple of years.  These classes have helped me build strength and flexibility in my body.  My body really tells me when I have missed a class.  In January I had knee replacement surgery and in May I had hip replacement surgery.  My doctor was amazed at the speed and ease I recovered from these surgeries.  I will be having my other knee replaced at the end of this year.  I have no doubt that doing QiGong and being able to use the breathing exercises I learned in class helped me recover and managed the pain I should have been having (according to my doctor).  My doctor was amazed at how little pain medication I required.  I plan on returning to this class as soon as my next surgery is over and I am able to attend.  I truly miss this training.  Thank you Mary."
                            -Judy Graham

"This is my fourth time and I like how it has helped my knees and balance."

"Qigong is helping me work in positive ways with children."

"I have osteochondritis dessicans of the left knee and my orthopedist told me when I was 16 that I had about 10 more years of use of the knee.  He hoped that knee replacement surgery would be a reality by then.  For the next 46 years I avoided skiing, jogging, and especially putting weight on my left leg.  As you might imagine, by the age of 62, my left leg was extremely weak.  After three years of t'ai chi, I now can climb ladders using both legs to lift my entire weight a full step, something I hadn't been able to do for over 20 years.  I thank Mary Foster for offering such an enjoyable T'ai Chi course that I stuck with it until I achieved this milestone."

"I feel 20 years younger at 66yo than I did at 45yo."
                            -Joe Carlson

"Three years ago, my husband and I began taking Tai Chi with Mary Foster.  We had some exposure to Tai Chi through friends, and thought it would be good for us.  Little did we know that we would commit to making Tai Chi a part of our lives every week (and when we squeeze in more time during the week).  My balance, strength and flexibility have improved immensely.  I now welcome the physical challenges that I once approached timidly.  An added bonus is found in developing friendships and continuous learning.  Tai Chi has become an ongoing part of our lives, and I expect that it will remain so."
                            -Karen Carlson

"Mary is an awesome teacher.  I took Qigong in January and now the T'ai Chi class and will continue."

"Mary makes this class very easy and a good way to get started--A good way to get back into exercise."

"I have been doing Qigong with Mary for several years.  She is the best and I love the serenity and peace her class gives me each week.  Highly recommend any class with Mary."


Mary M Foster, MA LPC, has been practicing T'ai Chi for 29 years and has been teaching T'ai Chi and Qigong since 2003. 

She is certified by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (ATCQA) as a Level II T'ai Chi Instructor, and received her Qigong Teacher certification from the Qigong Research and Practice Center in Nederland Colorado, under the guidance and teaching of Gao Laoshi (Ken Cohen), author of The Way of Qigong.

She holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education, and is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Colorado.

Mary is devoted to her Tai Chi and Qigong practice and in helping others learn the healing and relaxing qualities of these wonderful forms. 

She resides in beautiful Colorado where she continues to expand her education and awareness as a life-long student of... well... Life! 

What People are Saying about the Classes

"Mary has made my life better by teaching me qigong. Her expertise and caring have helped me learn to appreciate my inner strength and to have peace of mind and body."    
                           -Janine Mosness   

"Good verbal instruction to match visual moves."

"The best exercise regimen to balance the needs of the body, mind and spirit."
                           -Richard Quinlan 

"Great classes!  Helps me release stress and relax.  Good instruction and explanation."

"When I first began Qigong classes I experienced episodes of dizziness at times and felt I might faint.  After a number of classes this no longer occurs.  I feel this is a significant health benefit and plan to continue taking classes."
                            -Marge B.

"Wonderful experience!  Love the teacher's technique and humor!"


"Since my knees were operated on, bending is awkward and difficult, but the Qigong and T'ai Chi classes are slipping my knees into bending more--and the knees don't even know it."

"I love it.  The Qigong classes have eased my knees into more flexibility than they know."
                            -Joan Franson

"The classes always make you stretch your mind and body"

"Very relaxing.  Saw strength building in legs especially.  Helped with balance and conditioning.  Mary is great!

 "Qigong produces amazing changes in your mind and body."

"For a beginner the voice commands become familiar and helpful in learning the form.  T'ai Chi has been very helpful loosening up my tense muscles."

"They are fun!!  And I have signed up for the beginning class for the 3rd time and for the advanced for the 2nd time.  This is a superb experience.  The basic class should be taken several times.  The advanced class would be okay to take after the first time.  Mary is very good, but the students should practice every day if they expect to see progress."
                      -John Krenetsky

"Great class.  Excellent workout.  Thanks."


"Mary is very patient and takes the time to explain each move.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor which makes class enjoyable.  I will continue with Mary."

"Mary is a great instructor.  She is very clear and always supplements classes with fascinating anecdotes.  I will definitely continue to take classes with her."

"Mary is such a great role model for t'ai chi.  She is a calm guiding teacher making our class warm and welcoming.  Mary is very encouraging and patient as a teacher.  She explains all the moves in a clear and easy to understand way and was great about demonstrating them."

​"This is a very relaxing yet challenging class (tai chi).  It's a good memory builder.  It's a great way to enjoy an hour.  I'm taking it 3 times to imprint body memory.  Above all, it's fun!"

                                  ​-Kathy S

"I've enjoyed the t'ai chi class with Mary very much.  It is a wonderful, relaxing way to start the week.  I love combining meditation with exercise, balance, and flexibility training."


"This class has helped my health and personal well being.  I am so thankful that you have this class!  Utmost peace!"