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People frequently ask, "What is the difference between t'ai chi and qigong?" 

Tai Chi is a style of qigong that includes a series of martial arts movements that are strung together--one after the other--making up what is called a "Form" or set.  Watching t'ai chi can be compared to watching a video of someone doing martial arts in slow motion.    

In comparison, qigong exercises may also be done slowly in sets of varied movements, and may also be related to martial arts practices, but are not identified to be the fluid connecting movements of a known t'ai chi Form. 

Since Tai Chi is a form of Qigong, it incorporates many similar motions and movements that are seen in Qigong forms.

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Qigong is a form of Chinese mind/body exercise that traces back some 2500 years (although some records indicate much longer).  These exercises use movement, breathing techniques, visualization, and meditation to improve energy, which has traditionally been called, "Qi".

Qi means "breath, spirit, or life energy", and gong means "work, or to work with.  So Qigong means to work with the breath, or life energy.

The Qigong Studio of Colorado teaches Qigong and Tai Chi from a Secular Buddhist perspective, which means there is a rich focus on the roots and practical application of Buddhist Philosophy and the historical foundations of these ancient forms, but that the classes and lessons are not connected to any religious organization.  The metaphysical aspects traditionally associated with these practices is not the highlight of classes.  Instead, the focus is on the practical use and application of these wonderful exercises and meditations, as well as the health benefits gained from them. 

Tai Chi and Qigong are offered as: 

**Moving Meditation

**Standing and Sitting Meditation

**Relaxation Techniques

**Mindfulness Based Practices

**Health Benefit Practices

**Artistic Expression

**Tools to enhance one's chosen Spiritual Practice

Tai Chi is a martial art and is one of the many forms of Qigong.  It is frequently referred to as a "moving meditation".  The Qigong Studio of Colorado offers lessons in several qigong forms, including Tai Chi.

Classes are offered at a variety of locations (see Classes and Workshops), and private lessons are available for those who prefer an individualized pace.

Qigong Studio of Colorado Serves:

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